This is fine

How I feel right now

Making a GitHub Contributions Graph for Life

In which I spend too much time thinking about how to work with web colors

On University Identity Jargon

A short post on one aspect of university identity and the jargon that comes with it

Neural Machine Translation and Sequence-to-Sequence Models

Notes on NamedTensor

CNNs for NLP

An intuitive look at one 3-letter acronym ML concept applied to another

Making Tokyo Metro Markov Models

A sort of technical look into how those glowy bois came to be.

Lost in Japan with Reflections and a Side Project

Remembering time in Tokyo with Markov chains...

Starting Things

Starting things is hard. Finishing them is harder. Commitment issues lol.

Mapping out SummerCamp NYC 2018

Creating an interactive map of Harvard interns working in NYC during Summer 2018